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Saturday, September 3, 2011


In the past few days and weeks, Cooper has made some amazing progress.  He smiles all the time.  It's seriously adorable.  He is awake more.  He has been awake enough when I have dropped him off at school the last couple of days to eat breakfast.  He also gets lunch at school and "dinner" around 4:30 at home, so he is eating 3 solid meals a day in addition the the five bottle feedings (and we wonder why he is getting so chunky!).  He is sitting up more and more on his own.  He is holding his head up when he is on his stomach better than he ever has before.  He loves to stand; it is his preferred position to be in.  He STARES at things.  He is starting to realize there is a whole world around him and he loves it.  He is tracking side to side and up and down.  He especially likes to track this little yellow ball with a smiley face and a bow that lights up.

Words cannot explain how happy this makes me.  His last spasm was July 25.  The lack of spasms and the fact that he is getting proper nutrition for the first time in months has made Cooper almost a different baby.  I feel peace and happiness and optimism when I think of Cooper.  It has been so long since I have been in this state about Cooper.  It seemed for so long that all he had was setback after setback.  It is wonderful to have him going in the right direction again.

This picture was taken this morning.  He woke up at 8 (he used to wake up around 9:30 on weekends). See how happy he is?  And he is sitting up on his own.  Nothing is behind him!  He was like this for a couple of minutes!  Love it!!!


Emily said...

YAYYY!! I am so, so, SO happy he's doing well! I really do believe it's only going to get better and better for him and for you.

Crady said...

Thanks Emily! I really hope so! I looked at the album of your sister on FB. I LOVED her prom dress! And it looked like she had a great time!

Katie said...

I love all the good news! :)