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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Home sick

Cooper is having a bit of an off week.  He had a fever Monday night, but it was gone by Tuesday morning.  The granulation tissue under his button looked AWFUL, so I tried to get him an appointment Tuesday at the surgery clinic.  I found out around 10:15 that I couldn't get him in until Wednesday morning, so I took him to school late.  The next morning, the tissue looked so much better (isn't how that always works?), but I took him in to have it looked at anyway,  They gave us gauze with medicine in it and sent us on our way.  While all of this was going on with the button, Cooper still did not seem to feel very good.  He has been really snotty, and his eyes have been crusty.  Brad has proclaimed it a virus.  Then at school yesterday, he had a really bad feed and threw up through his nose and mouth.  He did this again last night at his 10 o'clock feed.  And had fever again.  So he's home, sleeping, today.  Poor guy.  I hope he feels better tomorrow!!

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Kara Givens Paulk said...

Hope Cooper starts feeling better soon!