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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Carving (plus we put Semmes in a pumpkin)

This evening is Brad's only night not working in ten days.  So we took advantage of his being at home and awake to carve our Halloween pumpkin.  First we carved a pumpkin to put Semmes into (my mom insisted even though our experience with Cooper was so awful).  Unlike Cooper, Semmes didn't seem to mind at all.  Plus, it's almost 80 degrees outside so it was a perfect night to have Semmes outside in nothing but a diaper and inside of a cold, wet pumpkin.

At first, he was thinking, "what is happening?"

But then he got happy...because he is always happy (love him!).

A comparison:

Then we carved a pumpkin.  Cooper thought it was hilarious.  Semmes kept trying to eat the pumpkin innards and crawled over everything.  It was a fun family activity.

Can I eat this?


Someone was having a great time:

He's a crawling fool!

The finished product:

Monday, October 28, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Last night we went to our church's Trunk or Treat.  Last year, there was no way we could've taken Cooper to something like that.  He would've thrown a huge fit around that many people.  But he is a very different child than he was one year ago.  And he had the best time!  He laughed out loud, smiled, looked around him, and overall was happy and pleasant the entire time we were there!  I'm so happy that he is able to enjoy more things now and that we can actually take him places without fear of a huge meltdown!  Yay!

This picture shows their costumes the best.  Semmes is a shark (obviously) and Cooper is his shark attack victim.  See the "wound" on Cooper's leg?  Apparently that was realistic enough (it was created by an ER doctor) that someone at the trunk or treat really thought that Semmes had bitten Cooper.  He got it pretty quickly once we pointed out that Semmes was a shark and Cooper was in a bathing suit, Seaside tee shirt, and Hawaiian shirt.

Taking pictures is difficult.  They both move too much!

I like the next two.  It looks like shark Semmes is really going after that wound!

These show how hard it is to take Cooper's picture.  He was smiling and laughing, so I tried to get a picture.  But he moves, puts his hand in front of his face, and is just generally not at all cooperative.

The wagon is awesome.  We use it all the time!

It was a great night!  Semmes started screaming as soon as we put him in the car.  Poor thing was exhausted!  But he was great the whole time we were out.  And, like I said, Cooper was awesome!