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Saturday, October 26, 2013

7 months

I kinda can't believe Semmes is already 7 months old!  He is so fun.  He is in size 3 diapers and 6-9 month (but really, 9 month) clothes.  STILL no teeth (a lot of drooling with nothing to show for it).  **Update, as of this evening (10/26) he has teeth coming in!!  He is crawling, scooting, rolling, doing whatever it takes to move, like crazy.  If there is something on the floor he isn't supposed to have (shoes, Cooper's burper, dog toys, etc.) he makes a bee line for it; he's already such a boy.  He has to get his second flu shot early next month, so he'll get weighed and measured again then, but I have great confidence that he is bigger now than he was last month.

Semmes has been babbling like crazy.  A lot of "baba" and "mama."  We are just now getting "dada" and "gaga."  It's fun listening to him "talk."  And the face he makes when he talks is the funniest thing ever.  So glad I have a video of it!

We are doing baby led weaning.  We were offering him food once a day.  Now that he has been eating (aka handling) food for a month or so, we have been feeding him when we eat.  For example, today Brad ate cereal and honey Greek yogurt for breakfast.  Semmes sat in his chair at the table with us and ate watermelon and bites of Brad's yogurt.  For lunch we ate leftover chicken lo mein that we made last night.  Semmes ate noodles, carrots, and red bell peppers with us.  I ate cottage cheese and cucumbers on whole wheat crackers as a snack this afternoon, and he ate cucumber and cottage cheese with me.  It's messy.  But it's fun to watch him eat and learn.

And now, pictures!  Taking his picture is so easy.  If you say his name, he smiles; if you make a funny noise, he smiles; if you play peek-a-boo, he smiles.  He is SO happy!

Not so sure about the hay ride at Hollin's birthday party...

Oh hey, I'm crawling!

Eating an orange (you can't tell since everything is orange).

He wouldn't stop rocking!

Or chewing on the giraffe's foot.

But then I got this one!

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MELANIE said...

Gosh he's a happy boy! Cutie :)