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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Conversations with Semmes

Semmes is at the point, talking-wise, where he can have very basic conversations with me. He doesn't really have a whole lot of new stuff to offer, but he can repeat things, answer yes or no questions, and seems to really take everything in. Here are a couple of examples of conversations we've had over the last few days.

Semmes got Corduroy goes to the Doctor last weekend in Memphis. He loves it and has memorized the whole thing. The other day, out of the blue, he says, "Mama, I want to get a shot."
What?! I'm thinking to myself. Obviously, he has no idea that a shot hurts. "Why do you want to get a shot?" I ask him.
"I want bandaid," re replies. Of course, such a logical reason to want a shot. I tell him that the next time he goes to the doctor he doesn't have to get a shot; he's finished until he's four.
"Want bandaid."
"I'm sure you can still have a bandaid when we go to the doctor."
"No. Shot then bandaid."
"Oh," I say, remembering he still has to have a flu shot in the fall/winter, "you will have a flu shot in a few months and you can have a bandaid then!"
"OH! OK!" Never thought I'd have a kid so excited to be getting a shot. Hope this actually lasts until then!

Today, we went to the dinosaur exhibit at the Clinton Library. Semmes got to pick out a small dinosaur to take home with him. He chose a black triceratops (which is currently in the crib napping with him). I was putting him down for a nap and asked him what color his new dinosaur was.
"That's right. What kind is it?"
"Triceratops (in kid speak)."
"Good! Did you know that they eat plants."
"OOOHHH (I wish I had recorded this sound)!! Dino eats plants! Dino loud! Dino roar roar (roar roar??)!"
"Yes, your dinosaur was loud. It roared."
"Red dino (at the museum, all the dinosaurs had different colored lights on them) say roar roar too! So loud!"
"What is the red dino called?"
"That's right. He eats meat."
"My dino eat plants."

And then I put him down for his nap. That kid. He's hilarious.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Shut up about the "mommy wars"

Dear media, I know you really like to talk about the "mommy war." That thing where every type of mother hates every other type of mother. But really, shut up. There is no such thing (or if there is, I've never experienced it).

Here's why it does not exist.
1. No mom has enough time or energy to worry about what some other mom thinks or is doing. Unless they're asking for help or assistance. And then every mom I've ever met will give you all the advice and help you could ever want.
2. There are no "types" of moms. Yes, some moms work and some don't, some moms exclusively breastfeed and some only do formula, etc. But most moms do whatever they can to make their kids happy and kinda sane. At some point, I've tried things with my kids I never would've imagined. I've washed my cloth diapers in grapeseed oil extract, I've used coconut oil on a diaper rash, I've used tons of buttpaste and disposable diapers, I've bottle fed, I've given my kid formula, I've given my kid breastmilk from a bottle and from a breast...I've done it all. I'm not crunchy, I'm not holistic, I'm not a firm believer in everything my doctor (or husband) says, I'm a little bit of everything. If something is going on with my kid, I will try pretty much anything to fix it.
3. I'd rather have an open dialogue with another mom than a fight. The other day, a mom friend and I were talking punishment. She uses time-outs because they work for her. I don't because it's not really my thing. That was it. There was no war. No one tried to convince the other that they were right. It was a statement of facts, a revelation of our truths. Do I think she's wrong and I'm right? No. I think we're both right, even though we're doing two different things, because we have two different kids. And thank goodness for that!

And I don't think I'm in the minority of moms who feel this way. So can we just drop it now? Thanks.