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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Austin and Jessica asked us to be God-parents for little Charlotte.  We were so honored and excited!  The Baptism was Memorial Day weekend, and it was awesome getting to see the Schneider clan twice in two months.  Not only did Jessica rescue my stranded pictures from my camera, she also shared her dad's pictures from the event.  

The twins about to be Baptized:

The twins received applause from the Congregation because they were twins.  It was really cute.

Ethan being Baptized:

Charlotte being Baptized:

Charlotte being anointed with oil:

Charlotte with her God-parents:

Ethan with his God-parents:


The Schneiders (minus sleepy Cooper):

Afterward, there was a nice party at Tom and Nancy's house.  We had a wonderful time, and are so happy to be such an important part of little Charlotte's life!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Texas Vacation... only a month late

LAST month, Brad, Coops, and I took a vacation to Texas.  As you know, the middle of our trip was a little dramatic with a surprise hospitalization, but before that, we had a great time!  We arrived late Sunday afternoon.  Monday evening we had a crawfish boil with Ritt and Chelsea, because that's just what we do when we're together.

Mmmm.... crawfish:

Cooper LOVED hanging out with Chelsea!

And Ritt

We ate crawfish, but Cooper ate alligator.

Celeste stopped by!!

The next day, Tuesday, we went to the lake in R and C's boat.  At first, Cooper was NOT a fan of his life jacket.

But then he was ok with it.

Cooper and mommy!

Love, love, love his little seersucker bathing suit!!

Mmmm, a toy that I can chew on that floats, just in case.

 The men:

He does have a lot of hair:

Chelsea "driving" the boat:

Ritt was the only one brave enough to get in; it was COLD!

We were the only people on the lake.  It was awesome.

Then little man had to take a nap.

That night, we went to NIOSA, one of our favorite Fiesta events.  We saw Amber and Jeff:

Chelsea and I got cascarones to use on the guys, but we of course had to use them on each other!

Favorite picture of the trip; this is so us:

Brad and Chelsea bring out the goofy in each other:

Not that Brad and Ritt are any better:

That night, we had to take Cooper to the hospital.  But after we made it to Houston, we had more fun times!  The men: Brad, Austin, and Ethan.  Cooper, unfortunately was asleep.

Compared to his cousins, Cooper is a GIANT!!

This one is my favorite; not sure why:

I took this just because it is amazing we have kept Cooper alive as long as we have.  I found him like this, with his blanket over his head.

Cooper and his Nana.

Other than our brief hospital stay, we really did have a fun and memorable trip!!