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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Things Today

Today, Brad and I went to the funeral of Chloe Faith Meena.  I and a couple of friends had Courtney's baby shower for Chloe at my house only two weeks before she was born at 29 weeks.  She was three months old when she passed away Monday night.  I can't imagine Nik and Courtney's pain, and it was an incredibly moving funeral.

In happier news, today is the first day almost all football season that Brad, Cooper, and I are home together watching football.  Last month, we watched football from the hospital.  This month, I've been watching football alone while Brad has been sleeping.  We're having a good time together unpacking some Christmas decorations, eating rotel, and just enjoying each other.

One of Cooper's pediatricians mentioned in passing a couple of weeks ago that since Cooper was sitting up, he would most likely go on to walk.  I was curious about this and asked Cooper's physical therapist about this.  She confirmed that this was true.  Apparently, if a kid has the trunk control to sit up by age two, they will walk by eight.  Not that it will necessarily take Cooper that long to walk, but the two things are correlated.  Yay!