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Friday, June 13, 2014

My Favorite Moments

I love my boys.  And they are so fun.  But with each of them, I have one favorite moment every day.  Semmes is still nursing to sleep (nap and at night).  I love those very few minutes between when he falls asleep and I put him down.  He snuggles up against me, his face all scrunched up, heavy with sleep.  It's great.  He's doing it less and less as he is starting to eat but not fall asleep, so I put him down awake.  It stinks.  I'm going to miss that time with him.

My favorite moment of the day with Cooper is picking him up from school.  Cooper does this thing where he doesn't look right at something, but he still knows it's there.  I get down by where he's sitting and he waves his head back and forth, taking in his surroundings.  Then all of a sudden, he realizes I'm there, and he gets this HUGE grin on his face.  On really amazing days, he'll even laugh.  It's awesome.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cooper Awesomeness

Cooper is having a great spring/early summer.  He's "walking" with assistance.  AKA he's taking some steps when someone is holding him up.  Yes, I have a video,  No, it won't download to my computer.  If I can figure it out, I'll post them.  Also, he's tolerating being on his hands and knees better.  Plus, he's voluntarily picking up toys and looking in the mirror.  It means that he's really starting to take an interest in his environment and wanting to explore what's around him.  Yay!

He will also watch movies now.  And he's picky.  For example, he really liked Turbo and Dumbo, but definitely did not like Hercules.  He kept pushing the iPad over and rolling away from it.  Fine.  So other than a small bout of croup this week, things are going really well.  Love him!