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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Austin and Jessica asked us to be God-parents for little Charlotte.  We were so honored and excited!  The Baptism was Memorial Day weekend, and it was awesome getting to see the Schneider clan twice in two months.  Not only did Jessica rescue my stranded pictures from my camera, she also shared her dad's pictures from the event.  

The twins about to be Baptized:

The twins received applause from the Congregation because they were twins.  It was really cute.

Ethan being Baptized:

Charlotte being Baptized:

Charlotte being anointed with oil:

Charlotte with her God-parents:

Ethan with his God-parents:


The Schneiders (minus sleepy Cooper):

Afterward, there was a nice party at Tom and Nancy's house.  We had a wonderful time, and are so happy to be such an important part of little Charlotte's life!!

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