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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Carving (plus we put Semmes in a pumpkin)

This evening is Brad's only night not working in ten days.  So we took advantage of his being at home and awake to carve our Halloween pumpkin.  First we carved a pumpkin to put Semmes into (my mom insisted even though our experience with Cooper was so awful).  Unlike Cooper, Semmes didn't seem to mind at all.  Plus, it's almost 80 degrees outside so it was a perfect night to have Semmes outside in nothing but a diaper and inside of a cold, wet pumpkin.

At first, he was thinking, "what is happening?"

But then he got happy...because he is always happy (love him!).

A comparison:

Then we carved a pumpkin.  Cooper thought it was hilarious.  Semmes kept trying to eat the pumpkin innards and crawled over everything.  It was a fun family activity.

Can I eat this?


Someone was having a great time:

He's a crawling fool!

The finished product:

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