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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ophthalmology Appointment

Cooper went to the eye doc yesterday.  Physically, everything is fine with this eyes.  The alignment of his eyes are off.  However, this is a developmental issue, not a physical one.  So, the doc decided to postpone the surgery and reevaluate in 6 months.  The doc said he would never do this surgery on a 3.5-4 month old (which is about where Coops is developmentally), because the alignment of their eyes change as they develop.  His worry is that he will do the surgery, then have to redo it once his alignment changes.  Anyway, pray that as he continues to develop, his eyes get better.

Here are some pictures from the weekend that Cooper spent at my parents.  Should've had these on the last post, but...

Cooper and his Podge

Mom and Jason feeding Cooper.  I TOLD them it was easy!!

Blurry, but this is Coops laughing at my mom!  He's so funny!

1 comment:

Anne Schneider said...

Great news that the opth doc believes that Copper's eyes might realign on their own...prayers coming to support that thought!
Love ya'll!