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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pulmonary Adventures

On Thursday, Cooper had a pulmonary appointment.  We were told that it could take up to 3 hours, so be prepared to stay that long.  They weren't kidding!  Our appointment was for 9:30, but it was 10:15 before we even left the waiting room.  Then he had ANOTHER chest x-ray (these are gestting a little ridiculous).  Finally, he saw the doctor and she wanted him to be on 2 inhalers and do CPT's.  So then I had to see a respiratory therapist to learn how to do the CPT's (  So for the next week I do "bop-bops" on Cooper after his albuterol inhaler three times a day.  He also gets Flovent twice a day for the foreseeable future.  Flovent can cause thrush, so we have to do that inhaler right before he eats in the morning and the evening and make sure we wipe of his mouth after the inhaler.

Brad had the day off on Friday, so he got to go with me to drop off and pick up Cooper from school.  We had to get little man up a little earlier so we had enough time to do the bop-bops (they take 10 minutes), get him dressed, and still leave on time.  We also now have a will, which became obviously important to us after Coops was born.  We had to get it witnessed and notorized, so we went to a friend's office to do this as well, so it's official now!  Finally we went and got haircuts and I chopped mine off!  5 inches gone!  It was just getting too hot and humid to have the long hair.

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