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Monday, April 18, 2011

Juke Joint

On Saturday, my little family and some friends of ours went over to Clarksdale for the Juke Joint Festival.  My mom and I hung out in the morning and had lunch with my dad at Oxbow, a new lunch place there.  I had tuna tacos with a Siracha aoli.  Amazing!  That afternoon, Brad, Matt, and Sarah joined us and we all walked to downtown to look at the art booths and to buy wrist bands for the evening festivities.  With a $10 wristband, you can get into every bar in Clarksdale.  Sarah and I bought beautiful hand painted picture frames to put pictures of our boys in.  For dinner, we all went across the street to the Denton's house and ate shrimp and BBQ.  Then we went out!  My parents fed Cooper at 10 and babysat for us!  It was nice to have a night when I didn't have to be a mom.  Brad says he has almost forgotten what I'm like in non-mom mode.  But I'm fun!  I remember!

The next day, we went to Abe's for lunch.  You can't come to Clarksdale only once and not go to Abe's.  Then we fed Coops and headed home!  It was a nice little break.


Eric said...

I wish I could have come up but we had a bank at Airport Grocery that night.

Katie said...

I love the line, "But I'm fun!" It made me laugh. I just realized you changed the blog name, so I'm getting caught up. I'm so glad Cooper doesn't need surgery! Great news.