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Friday, April 22, 2011

Big Meeting

Today was the big meeting at Cooper's school.  We got the results of all of his evaluations: developmental, speech, occupational, and physical.  Basically, it was pretty much what we already knew.  Developmentally, Cooper is about a 2-3 month old.  So he has a LOOOONG way to go.  BUT, even since his developmental evaluation in February, he has changed and grown.  So, like I have said many times before (it's kinda becoming my mantra), it IS happening!  Just slowly.  The good thing is that now that we have had this meeting, he can finally begin all his therapies.  He will have three 45 minute sessions of speech therapy, three 45 minute occupational therapy sessions, and three 60 minute physical therapy sessions every week.  Considering how much time he spends napping and eating, that's a lot of time!!

In other news, Cooper visited the Easter Bunny today after school.  He was really tired, so there wasn't much smiling, but at least there wasn't any screaming!  Love the ears and his Little Bo Peep outfit!  More on Easter later...

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