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Monday, April 25, 2011


Today, Cooper had his second ophthalmology.  This time we met with a neuro-ophthalmologist who also performs surgeries.  Physically, Cooper's eyes are fine.  But his slow development causes him to focus really hard on things, especially those that are far away, since as an infant he is slightly far-sided.  So, as with many other things right now, we are waiting for him to develop.  We'll meet again in June.  IF his eyes have gotten worse or stayed the same, he'll get prescribed little, tiny glasses.  The glasses will make it easier to focus on things so his eyes won't have to work as hard.  After he wears those glasses for a few months and there is STILL no improvement, then he'll have to have surgery.  So, in that worse case scenario, hopefully his surgery can be scheduled for the same day as the urologic surgery.  One dose of anesthesia is much better.

1 comment:

Katie said...

I remember another really cute little kid who wore glasses. ;) Here's hoping his eyes don't change, though. Love y'all.