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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good things

I'm beginning to think my blog is kinda a downer.  On Monday, I had to fill out a parent survey on Cooper for his school.  One of the things they asked was what were the good things happening with Cooper.  I wanted to list some.  He has amazing head control.   His trunk control gets better all the time.  He is SO cute!  He smiles at me.  He is slowly becoming social and is smiling at other people.  He is a very easy-going baby.  He is an amazing sleeper.  He is starting to be a good eater; when you bring a spoon to his mouth, he opens his mouth.  He is getting bigger and longer.  He is progressing and changing and developing.  It may be slow, but it is happening.  He laughs.  He hates to have his feet tickled.  He LOVES his giraffe lovey.  His eyes are gorgeous and his eye lashes are so long it makes every girl that sees them jealous.  He loves baths and doesn't mind getting water dumped on his head and face.  I love him so much!

And in other, more personal news: I am finished pumping!  My life is no longer ruled by the pump!  I don't have to schedule my entire life around it!  I feel free!!!


Mama/Linda said...

I love this post! Can't wait to see Cooper again. And his family, too, of course.

Lauren said...

This is my favorite post ever! You are such a great Mommy, Crady! I'm sorry you have been in a funk! I'm proud of you for working out, though!!! That's a great achievement!