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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Once, I would like to take Cooper to a doctor and they tell me that nothing is wrong.

Cooper went this morning to radiology and had three x-rays taken of his head, bringing his total number of x-rays taken into the twenties.  I'm really getting tired of this.  Then he went up to the neuroscience clinic and saw the head of neurosurgery.  Because of the way that Cooper's eyes are in his head, or something like that, Cooper may have Craniosynostosis, a condition where the plates in the head fuse too early.  So then we got sent back to radiology to have a head CT.  I was concerned about the radiation level, because a CT is basically 100 x-rays in one, but the neurosurgeon explained it was better to know for sure so that they could deal with the skull immediately and that he just couldn't tell from the x-rays whether the bones were fused or not.  Brad was able to leave the nursery and come with me for the CT scan, which was nice. But the tech wouldn't let him look at the scans since he was a dad and not a doctor.  We won't know anything until tomorrow.  So now we wait and I think too much and get stressed and scared. If the bones are fused, it would mean pretty immediate surgery, since they like to have it fixed before he is 8 months old, which is in 2 weeks.  My poor baby!  Please pray for him to be fine!!

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Kara Givens Paulk said...

Oh Crady! I'm thinking about you and sweet Cooper!