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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A weekend away

This weekend, Brad and I went to my sister's wedding in New Orleans... without Cooper.  It was a little traumatizing, but probably more for me than for Cooper.  He had a great time with our good friends Sarah and Jason.  He went to lunch, did exercise, tasted some yummy food, and was just generally happy the whole time.  Thank God for cell phones.  They sent me tons of pictures and even a video!  Sarah and Jason got a lot of parenting practice in, but I'm pretty sure they're naturals!

Madeline's wedding was great.  Seriously, when it comes to weddings my family is 2 for 2.  The Bobo's sure know how to get married!!  As soon as she gets back from her honeymoon with my camera, I'll post some pictures.  I rode down with my brother and his girlfriend.  We stayed in Jackson with Kara and Ryan.  I love getting to see them, and even though we only spent an hour or two together, I left feeling renewed in our friendship.  Plus, their dogs love me!

I think Cooper has a new friend and Sarah has a new love!

Getting tickled!!


Jason, I think Cooper loves you too!!

Oh yeah!

Mmmm... Italian food!

Hanging in the stander

But now a little sleepy.

Precious angel!!  I missed him so!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Good for you guys! I havent left H yet. I go to work and even that is traumatising when he screams bloody murder as I walk out. Im pretty sure I couldnt cope with a whole weekend! Id feel like Id lost something continually! So glad you were able to have a good time! and that you have such wonderful friends who were able to keep Coop for the weekend! Great job all round!