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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Haircut

Yesterday, Cooper had his first haircut!  And boy did he need it!  His hair covered his eyes if I didn't swoop it to one side while it was still wet, and in the back it touched the bottom of a collar, whenever he wore one.  It was so long.  I took Cooper to Pigtails and Crewcuts.  Yes, it was over-priced, but all the stylists there do is children.  I felt he would be safer there, where they are used to head bobbing and screaming fits than at a regular salon.  So I paid my $16 without complaint.

He of course immediately started chewing on the cover.  They have these cute little cars and airplanes, but he's just not big enough for those yet, so he sat in my lap.

He's used to having me spray de-tangler on him, so he didn't freak out too much when she got his hair wet.

Look how good he's doing!  The kid beside us was screaming the whole time.  That kid's dad was jealous of us!

"Oooh, what's that?"

This was right after Brad held his head so she could get the front.  This was the only thing he screamed at.   The rest of the time, he was great. 

Now his hair is pretty short, which is fine.  He won't have to have another haircut for quite a while.  He almost looks like a different kid now.  He looks older to me.  My baby is growing into a little boy!


Katie said...

There's something about that first haircut that makes them look so much older! I still remember Thomas's like it was yesterday. It looks cute.

MELANIE said...

Ditto to what Katie said about the first haircut turning them into a little BOY! Cooper looks cute!