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Friday, November 18, 2011

Big Things

Monday, Brad and I got to see the Bells and meet Hollin!  It was so great to see Sarah, Matt, and Zane, but I was most excited to meet their newest little bundle.  And boy is she a cutey!  I just want to eat her little cheeks up!  Zane hasn't forgotten me.  He wanted to sit "right next to Crady" on the couch.  Love that little guy and miss them all so much!!

Baby Hollin!!  Love her!

Brad, Matt, and Zane all wore plaid!

And Cooper wants to know why he was left out.

Wednesday, Cooper and I both had appointments.  Cooper got a new button!  It was much needed!  His original button was leaking and really loose.  We found out that the balloon holding it in place only had about half as much water in it as it was supposed to have.  So yay to the new button!

Brad and I had our blood drawn for the genetic tests.  So it's really happening.  And it's pretty much all I think about now.  There are so many "What if's" and I'm pretty sure I've thought of them all.  I don't know how long it will take.  We're just waiting.

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