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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why We're Back

So we are back in the hospital.  Friday, Coops had an "acute aspiration event."  Basically, he pooped while he was eating a threw up.  When he threw up, he breathed in some of his milk, causing more lung problems.  So we're back.  And trying some new things.  The GI people have started him on a medicine to get his stomach to empty better.  Plus, he's back on a stool softener.  The pulmonary guys started him on a medicine to dry up some of his spit (since he chokes on it).  They're also pushing for us to do a G-J tube.  The benefits are that it is basically impossible for him to reflux and aspirate because the food goes straight into his small intestine.  The problem is that he would have to be on continues feeds.  He would be attached to a feeding pump 24/7.  This would greatly hinder our current lifestyle.  Therapies would have to be changed or put on hold.  It would make it ridiculously hard to go anywhere.  It would suck.  But, if his lungs are so sick that he can't get off of oxygen, it may be what we have to do.  He can't grow and develop unless he is well, but he can't get well unless he can grow and develop (and get better at swallowing and feeding).  It's a conundrum.

In other news, we have a patio!  Brad, Peter, Shane, Craig, and Alex (at different times), built a brick patio in front out our house yesterday (pics coming).  Jessica and I got lunch and then spent the afternoon watching our football team lose and hanging at the hospital.  Brad got his man day in exchange for two nights in a row at the hospital, so I can get some very much needed sleep.  Also, we found out that we could get some counseling and bill it through TEFRA, since they allow parents of chronically ill kids to bill them for counseling.  So that's going to be good.

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Anne Schneider said...

Thanks for keeping us all posted, Crady...know that we send our prayers and lots of love for you, Brad, & Cooper!