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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Friends are our Little Rock family

We don't have any family in Little Rock.  My parents are closest at 2.5 hours away.  Plus, Dr. B works ALL THE TIME, so even if we had close family, we wouldn't be able to see them very often.  Luckily, B is in pediatrics.  And they are like a family (dysfunctional and everything).

For example, last night, Leigh-Ann and Washer brought us dinner.  We had just gotten home from the hospital and man did we need a home cooked meal (hospital food is only good for so long).  And then today, I got really paranoid about how Cooper was breathing.  Amanda Martin had an early day and she agreed to come over and listen to him.  She hung out for an hour or so and proclaimed him just fine (thank goodness!!).  Last, Diane, Cooper's physical therapist, came over to help me move and bathe Cooper.  Since I'm basically a shut-in for now, it was great to see people.  Plus, I love that so many people love Cooper.  And, I love our little "family" here in Little Rock.

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Katie said...

That's awesome that you have so much support there. What a blessing.