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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Still in the hospital...

It's Brad's night in the hospital, so I'm back.  We were hoping he would be able to get off of oxygen today, but that just hasn't happened.  He does well for a little while, but then doesn't.  Very frustrating!!  He's on 1/8 of a liter, which is basically room air.

We found out today that on x-rays, Cooper's liver was looking a little big.  They thought it was just the x-ray image being distorted, but of course they had to check.  They checked his liver output and that's fine.  Then they did an ultrasound of his liver, but we haven't heard back on those results.  So, we're pretty much where we were yesterday.  Tired of being at the hospital and waiting for Cooper to stop being dependent on the oxygen.

The idea has been floated that for a little while, we could take him home and give him oxygen at night, but I don't know about how I feel about that.  It is something to discuss as a way of getting us home.  At some point, the hospital will do more harm than good and I want Cooper out of there before that, so we'll see.

Our wonderful friends, Kara and Ryan, sent Cooper a balloon and giraffe:

Brad and Cooper taking a cat nap today.  We had to put Cooper back on oxygen very soon after this was taken.


The Bells said...

He looks so BIG in that picture with Brad! I can't wait to snuggle that boy soon!

Katie said...

I'm so sorry you're still in the hospital. Hoping he's home SOON. I love that picture of him sleeping on Brad. So sweet.