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Friday, June 21, 2013

Water Play Day

Today was Cooper's first time to participate in outside water play with his new classroom.  His class does it at 8 a.m., so I decided to stick around after I dropped him off to see how he did.  Cooper loves baths and the pool, but he has never really been around sprinklers/showers.  So I was already unsure of how he would do.  Add to that the fact that he is recovering from a bout of pneumonia AND that he had a nightmare at 4 a.m. and screamed for 45 minutes unless he was being sung to last night and I was almost wary of the whole water play thing.  Much to my surprise, he loved it.  His teachers put him right in the middle of all the action, so to speak.  They gave him toys to play with, they filled buckets with water and put his feet in them, and they let him move around.  He was laughing and happy the whole time I watched him.  Yay!  Might need to get a fun sprinkler for the front yard...

Miss Heather showing Cooper a bucket of water

The misty stuff at the top is water.  They have one of those cool mister things like you see at amusement parks.

He was laughing here.  Of course his face is turned away.

Cute grin.

Happy kiddo.

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