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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vacation: Part 2 (The Cave)

After Quigley's Castle, we headed to War Eagle Cavern.  No, they aren't Auburn fans.  Yes, we asked. This was the activity we were the least comfortable taking Cooper to.  The website said that they were "stroller friendly" about a thousand times, but it's Cooper.  And it's a cave.  Much to our (pleasant) surprise, he loved it.  Of course, I basically got no pictures of him, but take my word for it, he laughed and "talked" the whole time.  Semmes also did really well.  The only part he didn't like was when they turned all the lights out and it was so dark you literally couldn't see the hand in front of your face.  He was NOT a fan of this.  He likes to see.

This didn't work.  We were hoping it would be cute and they would smile.  Nope.

The entrance to the cave.

Looking out from the cave

The ceiling...there were baby bats up there.

Water.  The cave is a "breathing cave" so air circulates throughout.  And the stream also runs throughout.  As long as you follow the water you can get out.

This was the original entrance.  You had to climb down a ladder to get in.

The movie "Frank & Jesse" was filmed in the cave.  No, I've never heard of it either.


Cooper and Brad:

Semmes and me:

These were as good as we could get.

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