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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Grand Rounds

Brad presented at Grand Rounds this morning.  I didn't really realize how big a deal this was until I was there.  He is only the second resident in at least the last five years to present.  And there were a ton of people there:  attendings, fellows, residents, nurses, social workers, medical students, etc.  Everyone showed up.  Plus, more people were watching it streamed live.  PLUS, it's archived on the internet forever.

Anyway, the presentation was on Cooper and caring for a medically complex child.  If you have an hour to kill, you should watch it.  Brad says you can watch it on 1.5x on the player.  It's still understandable and much faster.  So here it is:

P.S. Cooper is very ready to have his cast off.  He officially HATES it!  Tomorrow is the day!

Bathing Cooper is awful:

Screaming and sitting in brother's bumpo:

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Lauren said...

I just watched the grand rounds presentation, and I really enjoyed it. I have a small glimpse of a medically complex child in my 4.5 with apraxia of speech and some/suspected sensory processing disorder. He also had GI issues that were always mainly a question mark. My father is a doctor in LR, and when push came to shove, he could always step in and help us get Spencer the help he needed, but I was often infuriated with the brokenness of the system that it sometimes came to that.. TEFRA has also saved our life financially, as your husband mentioned numerous times, and I was aware that it is specific to AR, but I was not aware that many other states did not have very similar programs. We have also turned down job opportunities presented to my husband because of how important it is that we have easy access to great speech and occupational therapists as well as informed pediatricians and schools willing to accommodate Spencer. (Maybe that could be added to the financial cost of caring for a child with special needs--having to turn down transfers and / or promotions because of the needed medical, therapeutic, and social support structures that cannot easily be recreated or replaced.) I'll stop typing now, but again, thanks for sharing this. I found your blog a few weeks ago and read through all of it. =) Thanks for sharing your story.