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Sunday, June 2, 2013

A thank you to Brad's residency class

Brad is about to "graduate" from residency.  Though I am extremely happy that this phase of our life is coming to an end ( I won't miss the months with only four days off, the months of 80+ hour weeks, the months of nights, etc.), I will miss our friends.

Cooper was born less than two months into Brad's residency.  When Cooper was born, I hadn't actually met all of the people Brad was going to spend the next three years working with.  However, that didn't stop them from visiting us at the hospital, bringing us food and treats, and making Cooper (and me) feel welcome.

And then we found out Cooper had a chromosomal abnormality.  And then, four months after Cooper was born, he got sick, really sick, for the first time.  And Brad's friends were awesome.  They covered for Brad, they traded shifts, they were happily (mostly) jeopardized, they visited us in the hospital (often during lunch), they bought us coffee and cookies, they bought Cooper stuffed animals and balloons to make the hospital a less sterile place.

And they took care of Cooper.  I think there are fewer people in Brad's class that didn't act as his doctor at some point or another.  They took care of him in the ER, in clinic, and while he was inpatient.  They called in prescriptions for him.  They listened to me complain, they listened to me freak out, they listened to what everyone was doing right.  I'm going to miss having them around the hospital.  Hopefully Cooper won't be there quite so much in the future...

So thank you.  And keep in touch.

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