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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life right now

Things are pretty awesome these days!  Today is mine and Brad's sixth anniversary!  And later in the year will be the tenth anniversary of our first date!  That is literally 1/3 of my life!!  Crazy to think about.

Cooper is still doing great.  He is so much more interactive with things.  He stared at my phone this morning when I was checking emails, then finally just grabbed it out of my hands.  He is so curious.  He also likes to grab our faces (noses, lips, hair, etc.).  And it seems he has found his legs.  He is constantly touching and exploring his own legs.  

Cooper watching (and smiling at) Sesame Street

We are supposed to really start pushing his eating.  His speech therapist wants us to experiment with flavors and textures.  For example, she wants us to add seasoning (cinnamon, garlic, etc.) to his food.  And she wants us to give him Slim Jims, beef jerky, and pickles.  No, not kidding; they have strong flavors.  And he seems to be ok with that.  We feed him at home right when he gets home from school.  Friday was pretty funny.  I tried to get him to eat some pineapple, but all he wanted to do was play with it.  Then I tried feeding him and he would grab the spoon, turn it upside down, put it in his mouth, then drop it into the pocket of his bib.  Over and over again.  Not sure how much he actually ate, but at least he was having fun.

Cooper after he stole the face wipe and was trying to eat it.

Semmes is doing great too.  He is napping in his crib (yay!!).  We are working on going a little longer between feeds.  Every two and a half hours during the day was getting a little ridiculous, especially considering how huge he is.  He is already wearing some 6 month clothes.  I mean really.

He still has to be swaddled and have that pacifier in order to sleep.  But I don't have to rock him to sleep.  Just put him down like that and he's good to go.  He is a pill from 6 p.m. until about 8.  He just hates life for those two hours.  I've been working on feeding him at 10 because then he'll sleep until at least 5.    If he can start doing this with regularity, he's moving into his own room.  Which would be awesome!  Anyway, loving life and all my boys!

Baby blue steel

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