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Monday, May 9, 2011


There is a current Frosted Flakes commercial that I find almost impossible to watch.  In it, a dad is teaching his son how to catch a baseball.  It may sound strange that such a light-hearted commercial would cause me such anxiety, but every time I see it, all I can think is, "Will that be Brad and Cooper someday?"  Is Cooper going to be able to play catch, enjoy time spent with his father, heck, will he be able to eat cereal out of a bowl?  At this point, with Cooper eight months old and still not rolling over, sitting up, holding onto things, etc. this is a real concern for me.  The geneticists were frank.  We don't know and can't tell you if Cooper will be able to perform higher math calculations, carry on a normal conversation, or even walk.  Because he has no defined disorder (and so may just be ok too), they just can't tell me what to expect.  I am sometimes paralyzed with fear and anxiety over my child's future.  I wish I could fast forward a few years just so that I would KNOW something.  The not knowing is awful.

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