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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cooper News

Cooper has had a GREAT week at school!  He has been happy and awake during therapy.  He has been accomplishing new things and doing things he wasn't doing before.  Everyone has been very happy with him this week!  Yay!

Sitting on a raised surface with his feet in the floor like that is a more advanced skill than just sitting on the floor (which, at home at least, he has totally mastered)

The next step is for him to voluntarily pull himself up from that position, but for now his PT is standing him next to a toy and he is holding himself up against it for 3-4 minutes.  Seriously amazing.  He hates to do this at home.  We tried getting him to stand with his elbows on the coffee table and he threw a MASSIVE fit.  We'll keep working at it...

Then in occupational therapy, he did this.  He is holding something hard in BOTH hands.  He even hit them together a couple of times.  I know it sounds ridiculous that I am bragging about these things...or even pointing them out, but for Cooper, these are big deals.  They are really amazing and are things he has just started to do.  The fact that we are seeing progress at all is awesome.  Ugh, he makes me so happy and proud!!

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