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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

4 months

Semmes was four months old on Friday...and he is HUGE!!  He had his four month check up (and shots) today.  He is 16 pounds, 12 ounces and almost 25 inches long (24.8).  He rolls over occasionally in both directions.  He is in a size three diapers and 6 month clothes.  He has found his feet and wants to be touching them all the time.  He thinks it is hilarious when you stick your tongue out at him or when you scare him.  He is standing in an exersaucer, but gets really mad that the toys on it are stuck.  So I give him other toys to play with.  He smiles EVERY time he sees us.  And is getting better at smiling at strangers.  He is not a fan of crowds, unless he can see me or Brad.  He eats five times a day for ~11 minutes.  During his last meal of the day, he eats himself to sleep.  Then sleeps for 10-12 hours.  Basically, he is awesome.  Not to brag or anything...

At four months, Cooper was 10 and a half pounds and 22 inches long.  Quite the difference.  Also, Cooper was four months old on Christmas Day.  Hence, the Santa bib and red PJ's...

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