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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vacation: Part 3 (Throncrown and Fayetteville)

After the cave adventure, we headed to downtown Eureka Springs.  We ate lunch and then wandered around.  They have some crazy stores there.  One sells nothing but novelty socks; how do you make money selling novelty socks?  Anyway, after lunch and a much needed nap for all four of us, we took the kids to Thorncrown Chapel.  It is a beautiful space.  The information they give you is very Christian-oriented.  Not that that is a bad thing, but I wanted to know some about Fay Jones, the architect, and about the design.  So I looked it up on Wikipedia.

Isn't it gorgeous?  It's not open.  All of that is glass.  Of course, Brad wondered aloud who had to clean it all.

Love this picture...wish Cooper had been awake though!

This is the church office.  Fay Jones is so weird.

That evening we went to a German restaurant for dinner.  It was AMAZING!  If you're ever in Eureka Springs, I highly recommend eating here.  I got the roast duck with dumplings and stewed cabbage.  Cooper actually ate some of my gravy.  Brad got the German plate with bratwurst, potato cakes, and saurkraut.  Cooper had a really good time at dinner.  He sat on the bench next to me and smiled the whole time.

Notice that Cooper is in a different shirt here.  Parents, I'm sure you can guess why.  Oh Cooper...

Sunday, we drove through Fayetteville on our way home.  We saw the stadium.  I'm surprised I didn't break out into hives being that close to the enemy.  Ha!  Seriously though, I did like that the stadium was open on one side so you could see it.

Old Main.  Arkansas's version of the Lyceum.

This is the Architecture school.  Conveniently, it is right behind Old Main.  They are doing renovations, so we couldn't see where McConnell spent the vast majority of his time for five years, but Fay Jones designed this cool fountain that is right out front.

McConnell did this razorback on the side of the Hog Haus, the restaurant where we ate brunch in Fayetteville.  Sadly, this outline is all that is left.

This was some of the views on the drive home.  We took the "scenic route" home.

All in all, it was a really good weekend!!  

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