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Monday, August 26, 2013

A 3 year old and a 5 month old

Oh Lord.  I have a three year old.  And a five month old.  And they're both great.

Cooper decided last night that he was a big boy, so he didn't have to go to bed.  Until 9:30.  In our bed. Yep.  It was an interesting night.

Also, we now think that Cooper is saying "mom" on purpose.  Ya'll, OMG.  He NEVER says it at school.  And one day I came to pick him up and he was crying and mad because they had just wiped some boogs off his face.  As soon as I walked in, he started crying "mom, mom."  His teachers were amazed.  I told them that he says that all the time at home.  So now we think maybe...

Today, Semmes is 5 months old.  He is SO big!  He is 18 pounds and 25.4 inches long.  He is sitting up, rolling from his back to his stomach, and reaching for EVERYTHING.  He is in some 6 month and some 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.  He has stopped spitting up constantly, but now he is a crazy drooler.  No teeth, though.  He knows his name, smiles at himself and us in mirrors , and thinks Leffe is the greatest thing ever.  Seriously, if we were planning his birthday party right now, it would be a Leffe themed party. He smiles and "talks" to people everywhere: in church, at grocery stores, etc.

The pictures are getting harder to do.  He's just so distracted by everything.  Leffe came in the room and we couldn't make him stop staring at her.  We had to make Leffe leave AND close the door.  And he just now figured out that he's sitting next to a very interesting stuffed animal.  Anyway, we still got some good ones!

What is this face?

And now for them both at five months:

All I have written about Cooper is that he was almost 12 pounds.  But I love Cooper's smile in this.


Anne Schneider said...

LOL, Crady! You're finding out what every mother of more than one child learns...each of your children is such a different miracle & blessing. Such abundance!

Katie said...

Cooper said MOM!!!!!!!! What a happy moment. Glad other people witnessed it finally! :)