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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You Know, Life Stuff

Cooper is doing great.  Last night he took his last dose of Sabril.  Ya'll this is HUGE!!  He has had no ill effects from coming off of it: no seizures, no spasms, nothing to show that he still needs to be on the medicine.  Yay!

But of course, we can't just be happy with that.  Nope.  We are now starting to get him back on milk based products.  He started back on Pediasure yesterday.  He is eating one ounce of Pediasure per bottle for one week.  Then we go to two ounces for a week, etc. until he is eating all Pediasure.  When one thing ends, another begins apparently.  Hopefully he has outgrown the milk protein intolerance.  Fingers crossed that this little experiment is a success!

Semmes is rolling over like crazy!  He also is lifting up way better during tummy time (which he has been doing a lot of since he can roll onto his stomach but can't quite figure out how to roll back).  He is also in an exersaucer a couple of times a day and loves playing with the toys and being able to look around.

Yes, this video is awful.  Yes, he's only wearing a diaper.  But you get the idea...

Semmes (sister, not baby) has been staying with us while she has been working in LR.  It's been great having her here.  She has babysat for us a few times (including one memorable night when no one slept), cooked for us, and done her own laundry.  Really, it's been nice.  Semmes (baby, not sister) really likes her and smiles so big at her when she gets home from work.  Cooper just likes that there is an extra lap to sit on.  She leaves Friday and I know we're all going to miss her!

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