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Friday, December 16, 2011


Cooper's surgery was yesterday, and it went great!!  They were a little late getting started, so the whole thing took a little longer than expected, but other than that, everything went really well.  He got into the PACU, the surgery recovery area, at 3:30.  We got to see him, after talking to the surgeon, a little before 4.  He opened his eyes, saw us, smiled a little, then went right back to sleep until almost 5.  4-5 is his normal nap time, so I really think the not waking up for so long was just him napping.  We couldn't hold him like we normally can after surgeries, because they wanted him kept as flat as possible so as not to irritate the wound in his groin where the catheter was put in.  So that part stunk.  Once he was awake (we had to blow in his face lightly and tickle his knees to accomplish this), we got moved to a private room for the rest of our stay.  They wanted to observe him for 4 hours after surgery before we could leave.  At first,  his oxygen saturations were terrible.  Of course.  But by 6:30 or so, after we gave him breathing treatments and he got some food in him, it normalized enough that anesthesia was ok sending us home.  So at 7:30, we were out of there!!

This morning, he woke up and was his normal, happy self!  We can even send him back to school on Monday!

1 comment:

Katie said...

So glad it went well! Can't wait to see that sweet boy Monday!