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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Day two of three appointments in a row also went well.  Things are looking good in regards to Cooper's eyes.  He's tracking and seeing better, and there doesn't seem to be any negative effects from the seizure medication.  Next week when Cooper has his heart procedure, the doc wants to do an electroretinography (ERG).  This test measures how his retina is working.  He said he wouldn't give him anesthesia just for that procedure, but if he's going to be put under, might as well do it.  If something does go wrong with Cooper's eyes in the future, this test will act as a baseline.  And it will make sure that the Sabril is not affecting his retina.

Also, since the urology surgery will most likely be next summer, the eye doc said that the whole 2 surgeries in one thing might be back on.  We go back in three months, so we'll see then.  If he's going to have to have surgery, I'd rather do as many as possible at once.  Cooper is just so bad with anesthesia!!

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