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Friday, December 9, 2011

ER visit

Today, we had to take Coops to the ER.  It was a very short visit.  So short that we had checked out and were leaving when the hospital people were getting there to officially register us.  There are benefits of being a doctor's child.

Let me start at the beginning.  Last weekend, Brad was sick for four days straight.  A couple of days ago, Cooper started pooping like crazy; 6-7 dirty diapers a day.  We figured he had gotten whatever Brad had. This morning, he had was feeling really warm and was much more cranky and irritable than normal.  So I took his temperature and it was 101.8.  I gave him some Tylenol and figured he'd be ok after he had slept.  Then at about 10:30, he started doing this weird thing with his hand.  It only lasted a minute or so.  Enough time for me to try and stop it, and then when that didn't work to get a video of it.

Brad came home for lunch and to check on everything.  I showed him the video and he said that Cooper had had a focal seizure.  Not good.  So we called his neurologist.  She said that the fever had most likely lowered his threshold for seizures.  But we might want to take him to the ER just in case.

We got to he ER and were triaged be a nurse we've had before.  There was a 2 hour wait in the waiting room, so she opened up a room that was supposed to be closed for us and took us straight back.  Brad went to get our friend Michael who was working in the ER, and came back with Dr. Foster.  Dr. Foster is one of the attendings, and the doctor we see pretty much whenever we go to the ER.  He saw the video, double checked with the neurologist, and let us go home.  And that was it.  We were literally in and out in less than an hour.  We never saw a nurse or a resident.  And though I'm pretty sure Cooper doesn't feel great, I know that this is only temporary.  He'll feel better soon.


Katie said...

That is so scary. Thank God for Brad and the perks of being a doctor's son! I'm glad he didn't have to stay.

Anne Schneider said...

Remember to breathe deeply, Mama, when you give thanks! Glad to know the ER trip was a quickie.

The Bells said...

We may never see our husbands, but at least after taking care of everyone else's kids we can be guaranteed that our kids are taken care of. Love that cooper.