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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The past week...

Not too much new to report.  Cooper is still having micro spasms daily, but only one big spasm every two days.  So far, I don't think it's interfering with his development, but it is still too soon to tell.  The medicine has made him sleepy and decreased his appetite.  We actually saw his neurologist today when he was at his neurosurgery appointment.  She said once his sleepiness is under control, they may increase the dose a bit if he is still having any spasms at all.  The neurosurgery appointment was a waste of time.  Literally, he measured his head, said he would see him again in four months, and we left.  The good thing was, if his head growth is normal in four months, we never have to see him again!  Yay!

Semmes has been here for about a week and a half.  It's been nice having her around since Brad has been on nights and sleeps during the day.  She even helped with the painting of the house.  It looks so good!  It's nice actually accomplishing something good.

Sarah and Jason Shelby came for a visit last weekend.  We had so much fun!  We went and visited Central High School Friday afternoon.  That evening we went to the Flying Saucer for dinner, then walked around by the river for a while since it was so nice out.  Saturday morning we went to the North Little Rock Farmers Market, then to the Market District, where we spent about an hour at a used book store.  All-in-all, a great weekend!

Cooper has been getting used to the heat and humidity.  He is so sweaty!  He has been sleeping in onesies at night, instead of cute pj's.  He'll adapt soon; he does live in the South!


momknowsbest said...

Happy to hear you've had a good week

Katie said...

Yea for good weeks and sister visits! And your house is lovely. Pretty color.

Mama/Linda said...

Keep the blogs coming! Love his new pics, too!