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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I spent the last couple of hours making baby food for Cooper.  Normally, I don't do so much in one go, but he needed everything all at once.  So, his menu for the next week or so is:

Breakfast:  Apple and peach (actually a REALLY tasty combination!)

Lunch:  Asparagus and butternut squash (not too sure how he's going to react to this one; glad he's getting it at school)

Dinner:  Flounder, tomatoes, and carrots (just because I don't eat tomatoes doesn't mean Cooper doesn't have to!)


Plus, he's still eating four bottles a day.


Katie said...

Yea for introducing new foods! I'm not big on tomatoes either, but they're on of Anna's favorites. :)

Mama/Linda said...

He's eating some good stuff!

Holt said...

It all sounds wonderful especially breakfast and the flounder. Do you send cooper's lunch to school? I loved the pool pics. Crady, you are a great Mama!

Crady said...

Holt, I do send Cooper's lunch to school! And he eats 2 bottles of breast milk there as well.

DevonLeah said...

Thx for posting on my blog =) Cooper is so cute and Im glad to see he is eating a bit =) Does he have a gtube too? This feeding stuff is a constant rollercoaster! Baby steps! =) God bless...