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Friday, March 4, 2011


So Cooper and I took a second trip to the doctor in 2 days yesterday. When Cooper got up yesterday morning he was HOT. Really hot. We fed him and put him back to sleep. He was still feeling hot when he got up at nine, he didn't eat well at 10, and when I changed his diaper I saw some blood in his urine. His temperature was 101.9. I called Brad and he told me to bring him in.

They did a urine culture on him and another chest x-ray (still not sure about that one) and he was sent home without any real answers. Considering I live with a pediatrician, this is very frustrating. Their best guess is he had a bad reaction to the vaccines, but they didn't really have a good explanation for the blood.

His fever broke sometime last night, and he seems in a better mood today, so hopefully he is fine and just had a weird reaction to the shots.

1 comment:

MELANIE said...

poor little buddy--I hope he's better now!