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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fear of Flying

Tomorrow, Brad, Cooper, and I leave for Colorado. I am terrified of flying with Cooper. I'm afraid I will leave something, I'm afraid he will cry the whole time, I'm afraid the altitude change will cause him pain, I'm afraid TSA won't let me take something I need, etc. I'm just freaked out in general. I know, in my logical mind, that people fly with babies all the time and that babies live in high altitudes, but Cooper comes with his own set of challenges. He refuses to take a pacifier (he actually gags on it), so I'm going to have to feed him as we're taking off and landing. I'm worried about his lungs up in the mountains. I'm especially worried I'm going to forget something and we're nowhere near a large town with lots of baby supplies.

You know what, it will probably be fine!


Mama/Linda said...

Don't worry, be happy.....I'm sure you'll laugh when you are home again and reading this post! Have a super time!!!

Lauren said...

We will pray for everything to just fall into place and go smoothly for y'all! We love you! Safe travels!