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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


On Sunday, I came to Clarksdale. Brad is working twelve 12 hour shifts in 13 days, 7 of them being overnight shifts, so I decided to visit the parents. They were very excited to see their grandson and grandpuppy. Today, I went to Oxford and looked at a wedding venue with Madeline and Semmes. Very matron-of-honor of me, I think. Cooper was cooed over, loved on, and held by way too many people, though. In what is a rare thing for him, he was really fussy tonight while going to bed and cried every time I put him down for at least half an hour. I'm SO glad he doesn't do that every night! I don't know how people deal with their infants that cry a lot! It is the most heart-breaking sound!

Tomorrow, we're going to the cemetary to see some relatives and Friday we're going to Corneile's house, so she can finally meet Cooper! She will have known 4 generations of my family and is one amazing lady! Monday I'm playing Mah Jong with mom and her firends then I'm heading back to Arkansas on Tuesday.

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Lauren said...

Y'all are just having too much fun!!! Enjoy the rest of your stay!