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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well, the flying itself went pretty well. It was the layover that was terrible. He was supposed to be asleep and instead was in a loud, brightly lit airport. By the time we made it onto the plane, he was wailing. But once they turned the cabin lights off, he was OUT! And he slept the entire plane ride to Colorado.

It took little Cooper (and me) a few days to adjust to the altitude. He was throwing up twice a day until today. I got a little sick the second night here as well. But all is well now.

It is freezing here today! Up until now it has been in the 40's and 50's. Today, I don't think it will get above freezing. We also got a few inches of snow last night and I think more is headed this way later in the week after we have left. Brad skiied yesterday and had a great time with his dad. Cooper, Nancy, and I did some shopping. We got a sled at a thrift store that we are going to try out this afternoon.

I'm in the office area of the Schneider's house and if you could see the view from here, you would be insanely jealous! It's hard to type and not just stare!!

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