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Monday, June 11, 2012

Flooring Catastrophes and Cooper's stomach

Several (like 6) weeks ago, our air conditioner condensation pan got clogged and leaked into our walls and floors.  It affected the hallway, living room, master bedroom, guest bedroom, and the wall between the hallway and guest bedroom.  A restoration company came out, pulled up most of the affected flooring, and put huge dryers and de-humidifiers all around the house.

This is what our hallways have looked like for the last five weeks or so:

It was a hot, loud, and long weekend with all the drying going on.  Then, we had to decide on flooring.  We went with a local company that was recommended to me by a friend.  They gave us a great deal, but the flooring wasn't in until June 4.  Scheduling wise, they weren't able to start putting the floors in until today.  So, for the next several days, we are in a hotel.  Cooper's pediatrician was not comfortable with Cooper being around so much dust.  The kid already has crappy lungs, why expose them to all of that?  The flooring guys came for a few hours today.  They pulled up the flooring in the living room and dining room.  They also started on the installation.  Here is the small section of living room they have completed:

Looks good, right?  It's a laminate that is supposed to look like some type of pine.  That's really all the details that I remember.

In completely unrelated news, Cooper had a doctor's appointment today.  It was an already scheduled,  but much needed, GI appointment.  A few weeks ago, Cooper had some purplish/black stuff come out of his button right after his 8:30 p.m. feed.  This happened a couple of times, so Brad tested his diaper for blood and it was positive.  Dr. G, his GI, had us increase his prevacid for a couple of weeks and see what happened.  Well, it continued to happen a few times a week, but oddly only after that 8:30 feeding.  So I saved a some of what I got out of his stomach a couple of times (yes, I am that mom) and we took it in to the appointment today.  Here is what it looked like (only a little gross):

Well it too came back positive for blood, even though Dr. G DOESN'T think that purplish/black stuff is blood, since it doesn't act like blood.  So, poor Cooper got stuck so they could do a CBC and check for anemia, among other things (not sure what, but Brad does).  Hopefully, we'll get those results soon.


Katie said...

Love the floor. And, I hope everything is okay with Cooper. The purplish-black stuff looks scary to me.

Anne Schneider said...

Great looking floor - hope it was compliments of your insurance policy! And hoping Cooper's "stuff" clears up, whatever it is!