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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cooper can hear!

When babies are released from the hospital, their hearing gets tested.  Cooper's ear canals were "too small for the hearing test," so we were told to follow up.  He has passed tests in one ear and failed the other, failed tests on both sides, had VERY different sound booth tests and ABR test results, etc.  Basically, we have been in limbo regarding Cooper's hearing for the last 19 months.  Until today.  Cooper got new tubes put into each ear and all the fluid and nasty stuff pulled out of each middle ear (including the old ear tube in one ear).  Dr. B said it was pretty gross.  Then he had 2 hearing tests.  He had an AER and a bone conduction test.  The AER passes waves through the middle ear into the brain.  He registered 30 decibels in one ear and 40 in the other.  Normal hearing is 20, and he did JUST have surgery on those ears.  The bone conduction test bypasses the middle ear.  On that test, he registered 20, absolutely normal.  So, no hearing aids!  AND, within 2 weeks he should be hearing conversational tones, and within 2 months, everything.  It takes that long for his ears to heal completely after the surgery.  YAY!!!  Seriously, I am so happy and excited.  One less thing to worry about!  Also, here are some cute pics of Cooper (you know you love them):

Cooper has recently discovered suckers. He LOVES them.  Orange are his favorite.

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