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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Last week marked the one year anniversary of Cooper starting at the Allen School.  This got me thinking about how much he has changed in the last year.  When Cooper was 7 months old, he didn't hold things, roll over, or recognize me or Brad.  He hated to have his face touched, had very few emotions, and a minimum of head control.  Here is his 7 month picture:

Now, Cooper rolls to both sides, sits up with a minimum of support, reaches for things, transfers objects between hands, is ticklish, laughs often (and cries often), LOVES his mommy and daddy, etc.  He really is a completely different child from one year ago.  And I am so grateful for the Allen School.  Here are some recent photos (Easter, etc.)

My family

Cooper at 18 months

Rolling for the first time from stomach onto his back

Cooper at 19 months

I saw the Easter bunny!

Mmmm... Easter eggs!

Cooper and mommy

Cooper and daddy

Church made me tired!

Coops and Podge


Emily said...

Sweet little man! Y'all are great parents-proud to know you both.

Lauren said...

I am so happy for all these milestones! Praise God! Love y'all!

Anne Schneider said...

May the blessings continue for your family!