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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Swallow Study/ENT

Happy Valentine's Day!  I got flowers and a box of chocolates from Brad, and a stomach bug from Cooper.  Yay babies.  We got Cooper an M&M shirt in New York for the big love day.  He wore it today, and got so many compliments.

Yes, he is precious.

Anyway, Cooper had a swallow study today.  And considering that he hadn't eaten any liquids by mouth since October, did pretty well.  We are going to start by giving him 1/2 an ounce of thickened liquid (juice, probably) a day by cup.  Yes, cup.  My little baby is growing up!  Also, we can go back to giving him solid food again, since he did great with that.

Then, he had an ENT appointment.  We were going to have an audiology appointment as well, but his ears, especially the right one, were too gross.  He probably has a small infection.  So we're going to have that appointment in about a month.  If we can't get an ABR (the ear test he needs) because his ears are STILL too gross, then Dr. B will put new tubes in and do a sedated ABR.  So pray that everything is good with his ears in a month and that he sleeps through the procedure.  No sedation!! 

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