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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Hate Eye Appointments!

Today Cooper had an eye appointment.  I told his classroom yesterday that he would be a few hours late; his appointment was at 9:30, so I told them he'd be in around 11.  Considering the hospital is less than 10 minutes from school, I thought this seemed reasonable.  Boy, was I wrong.  We didn't even leave the waiting room until 10:25.   Then we saw a nurse for about 10 minutes.  She dilated his eyes and told us we would see the doc in 30 minutes.  An hour and a half later, we were put into a room to see him.  I mean, really, how can they be THAT backed up?  We finally left the clinic at 12:30.  Three hours!  It's just ridiculous!  I made it home (I had called school and told them what was going on and that it just wasn't worth it for him to come in) around 1.  Just in time to feed him.

Cooper sees a ton of doctors and goes to a lot of different clinics, but the eye clinic is seriously ridiculous. I'm pretty sure our doc is the only pediatric neuro-ophthalmologist in town, though.  Otherwise, I'd just find somewhere else.  But Cooper's issue is developmental as well as sight, so we're stuck.

Oh, Cooper's eyes are fine.  Everything is looking good.  The Sabril doesn't seem to be affecting them. Also, he probably won't be having surgery in June.

Cooper's 18 month reject picture... I thought the other one was a little cuter.

1 comment:

Anne Schneider said...

Crady, I could really relate to your experience at the eye clinic...I can imagine that trying to keep a small child happy for that long ranks right up there with trying to keep my my mother comfortable (and safe) at the Eye Clinic of Houston. Her appts. were ALWAYS 3-4 hours long - most of that time spent in various waiting rooms the clinic had compartmentalized so patients (especially elderly ones) couldn't keep track of how long they spent shuffling between waiting rooms to finally see the doctor. Besides the fatigue factor for us all, this was a medical safety issue for my mother - a diabetic on oxygen. We quickly learned for these eye appointments (every 6 weeks for her last 2 years) to bring her big O2 tank and plenty of healthy snacks to keep her blood sugar regulated.
Best wishes for you & yours and lots of love,