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Saturday, February 11, 2012


This is very late, so I will be brief.

Three weekends ago (Martin Luther King weekend), Cooper was REALLY sick.  He had a 102.8 fever and his pulse ox was in the low 70's.  So he was on oxygen and Tylenol all weekend, but he did get better.  Over the next couple of weeks, he spiked a couple of fevers.  We finally decided to take him in and get him checked out.  And, of course, he had pneumonia.  They put him on IV antibiotics for 48 hours.  It was, relatively speaking, a pretty easy hospital visit.  Except, Cooper is much more aware of where he is.  And he does not want to be at the hospital.  So we were all very happy to be home!

Poor baby.  This was his first night.

He was kinda happy with this stander, but then they brought him a bouncer!

Cooper and Daddy,

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