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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Last week, Cooper had a genetics appointment.  Brad and I have been praying and pondering about this appointment for months.  We had to decide whether we wanted to get genetic testing done on ourselves or not.  We finally made the decision that we would have it ONLY if we could be told whether we were high risk or low risk for having another child with a genetic abnormality.  There is too much blame and guilt that would go along with knowing what each of our DNA results were, especially if we end up being at a greater risk for having a second child with genetic issues.  So this allows us to know what is going on without all of that.  After what I am sure will be a fight with our insurance company, we'll get tested and know more!  Hopefully, we're low risk and we can have more children of our own.

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Katie said...

prayers and hugs.